Outstanding Quality of Life in the Fort Bragg Area!



Why Choose a Moore County Home if you’re looking for
real estate near the Fort Bragg NC Base?

(1) Easy access to the Fort Bragg base (less than 20 minutes).
(2) Most military personnel that I have worked with are looking for the quaint town atmosphere located on the western side of Fort Bragg.
(3) Great school systems and friendly atmosphere. The Southern Pines, Farm Life and Pinehurst schools are some of the best in North Carolina.

Tip: Before making a decision on where to live, I suggest you consult with people at the base who are familiar with Moore County.


CONTACT DALE to make an appointment to see a Pinehurst home for sale, condos or NC horse farms in Moore County. Visit Dale’s specialized Pinehurst Real Estate site: www.pinehurstrealestatenc.com and www.pinehurstncrealestate.biz and for more information – including, for instance, an easy home search tool, a local Pinehurst calendar of events, information on specific towns within the Moore County area, helpful area maps,  as well as helpful articles and advice for both home buyers and home sellers alike.



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