Ready to Make the Move to Pinehurst, NC?

Pinehurst NC Real Estate offers some of the best golf values in the U.S. Where else can you be a member at 9 championship golf courses, including the 2014 Men’s and Women’s U.S. Open course, for less than $500/month. Taxes on a $500,000 are about $4,000/year. I save enough on taxes to more than pay for my golf membership plus carts.


All the real estate listings in Moore County are updated on this site twice per day and there is no registration. If you have questions or for an area tour please call (910) 528-4652 or email me at I’m here to save you time and money on Pinehurst Real Estate.

Ready to start looking for real estate in Pinehurst and the surrounding Moore County area? There are several small towns near the Pinehurst Village. Click Here for a list of towns and real estate listings near the Pinehurst Village.




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