Current Market Trends

untitledIn Golf, timing and location is everything. The same Is true about real estate.

As leading realtors in Moore County for over 13 years, we frequently get asked about the current market trends for single family home sales in the Pinehurst area. It is important to understand that the Pinehurst area is much different than national or local trends in other areas. To best answer the question for real estate sales in Moore County, we have compiled data for single family home sales in the Pinehurst area during the past 8 years.

Although the Pinehurst area had several lean years from 2008 to 2012, the housing market is now is now on an upward trend on the number of units sold and the average selling price. With the stock market rally and with the 2014 US Men’s and Women’s Open in Pinehurst, we believe that 2014 will be a fantastic year for both buyers and sellers.

Sellers should see a strong influx of buyers and buyers will most likely be able to realize a great home selling value in areas that have already seen a drastic increase in home selling prices while still getting a great value in the Pinehurst area.

If you are thinking about selling your home please don’t hesitate calling  for a free market analysis. We always need listings to meet the demand generated by my web sites. If you or a friend is thinking about buying a home in the Pinehurst area, please give us a call and let us make buying a home in Moore County an enjoyable experience.

We will gladly recommend courses to play and places to stay and dine during your visit to the Pinehurst. Don’t risk having an unrewarding visit. We guarantee meeting your needs will be our #1 priority!


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